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“I don’t need your services.”

Recently I was asked to coach up someone who had encountered the following sales situation:

Joe Smith is a sales representative  with a firm that specializes in consulting services for the telecommunications industry.

Barbara Brown is the Director of Operations for ABCom, an international telecom company.  Barbara is new in her role.

Joe has been prospecting ABCom for two months and finally succeeds in obtaining an appointment with Barbara.  Towards the end of the appointment, Barbara tells Joe, "Joe, I appreciate your time.  However, I don't need your services."

What should Joe say?  How can he resolve this objection?  What would YOU say?


  1. Mitch B says:

    Barbara, I appreciate that you value my time but I need to ask, do you not need my services now or do you not use my type of services at all?

    (upon clarification the direction changes either to set up a follow up meeting in the future when she might need our services or clarification as to who in the company we should actually be dealing with to introduce our services.)

  2. K Gohara says:

    "Barbara, what is it about what I presented that makes you feel that you don't need our services?"

  3. Marc says:

    Barbara, it is I that should be thanking you for your time. I understand that you feel you don't need the services that I am offering...right now. My hope is that I've done a good enough job in describing the value that our services bring to our customers should you encounter change in the future and decide to re-visit the idea of a future partnership. Is there any part of what I described to you that you feel could bring value to your Organization?

  4. Josh G. says:

    Barbara, thank you for your time. If you don't mind, is there anyone you know of who might be able to benefit from the services I provide?

    Thank you again, do I have your permission to give you a call from time to time to see if would make sense to do business in the future?

  5. Josh G. says:


    Barbara, I'm surprised, what changed? There surely was some value you saw in our services to invest your time in this meeting, can you help me understand where we went wrong?

  6. John Davis says:

    How about this: "Barbara, do you think one company or person has all the best ideas in your industry?"

    • Christian says:

      That's a good question.

      • Sven says:

        I like that, too. May I steal?

      • Sven says:

        Although, if someone asked me that question I might think to myself, "why is he talking to me like a child?" What is the next level of response?

        I think one of the most challenging things for me is a client who is uneducated and takes everything their current vendor tells them hook, line and sinker. There's a fine line between looking like a know-it-all, bashing your competitor (and opening up the possibility that your prospect will take that as an insult to their process of choosing a vendor) and gently showing them the light. I would like to see more on this.

  7. That is an interesting dilemma. I would ask them if I could leave information about our company and my contact information with them and state that even though currently may not need our services you can never have too many resources. Also, I would inquire what sets their current service provider apart from the others that they have dealt with and try to elicit a conversation that may bring up reasons why they might want to look at our services to them.

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