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Three Critical Sales Dynamics

If you are a 100% commissioned sales professional, face-to-face appointments with new prospects are gold.  I'm not talking emails, drive time or phone conversations.  I'm talking TSS (Time Spent Selling).   TSS is the actual minutes, seconds and hours in front of a qualified decision maker.

There are three critical dynamics that the person you are meeting with needs to feel when you are in front of them:

1.  I am happy to be here!

2.  I know what I am doing / talking about.

3.  I love what I'm doing.

Think back to your last appointment.  Did you project these three dynamics?  I'm not talking about being superficial or phony.  If you can't project these three dynamics on an appointment then maybe you are in the wrong profession.

Do you agree or disagree?  We would appreciate knowing what you think.






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