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Would You Hire Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is an Olympic Champion. His success in the pool is well known. The self-discipline and hard work he has put into his craft is incredible. He’s made a few mistakes along the way and has stepped up making offering no excuses. I think all of us would agree that Michael Phelps is a champion for all the right reasons.

However, if you had an important sales position to fill, would you hire Michael Phelps? We know Michael works very hard and can cut through the water like a hot knife through soft butter. But can he sell? Can he find and close new business?

The key to finding the answer to this question is to ask this question: If the job could talk what would it say it needs for superior performance? What does this position, regardless of previous life experience, require of a person for superior performance in this role? What if you could determine which candidates bring Phelps like focus and strength to the following attributes?

  1. Analysis of Data
  2. Follow Up and Follow Through
  3. Frequent Interaction with Others
  4. Self-Starting Ability
  5. Naturally People Oriented
  6. Begin Relationships - Close Business

It’s a myth of selling that a good sales person can sell anything. In order to avoid making a catastrophic hiring decision you first need to determine what the job requires for high performance. From there you can accurately assess candidates against that criteria and make a solid hiring selection.  A bad hiring decision only helps your competition.

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