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A Dynamic for Helping Make Training Stick

In my work I often run across executives and managers who feel that training is "pissing money down a rat hole." I actually had an entrepreneur say that to me!

Part of my job is educating business leaders to their role in making training stick. When a manager or entrepreneur says, "I don't want to be involved; that's why I have you." I can just about guarantee that the training will not stick back in the real world.

This is what I require managers to do to help make training stick:

  1. Prior to the training, meet with the person(s) you are sending  and tell them specifically why you are making this investment. Spell it out.
  2. Give specifics about what you want them to learn ("I especially want you to pay attention to the section on giving performance feedback.)
  3. Require this person to report back to you immediately from training with what they specifically learned and exactly how you will see this training back on the job.

I figure that if a manager can't at least do the above then they are not serious about training and just want to put a check mark next to the People Development box  in their development / performance plan.  Your thoughts?


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