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Three Vibes You Need on an Appointment

This morning I had an important meeting with the CEO of a $200M business.  I had done all my precall research and had written down questions I wanted to be sure and ask.  I was "good to go!"  However, before getting out of my car I reviewed three dynamics I wanted to be sure this CEO would feel when I was in his office:

  1. I am fired up to be here!
  2. I know what I'm doing!
  3. I love what I'm doing!

This doesn't mean I went into his office like a wild man.  No. I walked into his office with a big smile and a handshake wrapped in a genuine enthusiasm generated by precall preparation and experience.  It was a solid appointment with tons of positive energy.

Think about your last sales meeting.  Did you project the three vibes mentioned above?

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  1. Thank you for sharing very thrilling thoughts here. My motive On that time is "I know what I'm doing!". You are doing different thing in this post. Nice!

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