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Little Things Create TOMA

I’m a big believer that little things add up and make a difference.

This past St. Patrick’s Day I made it a point to send St. Patrick Day cards to 18 clients.  The cards (I went to Greetings and Reading and bought a generic pack of 20 cards) contained a very simple message and I wrote a one sentence personal note in each one.  This took me about two hours.

Was it worth it?  I heard back from 8 people.  This reply fired me up the most:

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is my first day at work after a lovely week of vacation. Ughh – Getting out of bed this morning was a cruel reality check.  Following a string of dark hours with dragging feet, downcast head, and lots of wishes to return to Kentucky for another week of glorious horses and fragrant bluegrass.  BUT - the office mail today brought your delightful card and the day began to brighten immediately!

The other replies were just as appreciative.

Why knock yourself out to write and mail a simple St. Patrick’s Day or, better yet, a birthday card to someone?  There are two reason:

  1. Your parents would be proud of you because it’s a nice thing to do!
  2. Your competition does not do this.

If you’re like me, you have a ton of competition and I want to win every deal. I want to stand out with my prospects and clients in all the right ways. I want to create TOMA for when a business opportunity arises they think: “I want to call that nice guy John Davis and give him the first shot at this bid!”

David Grant, in his book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success put it this way: “You never know where somebody’s going to end up.  It’s not just about building your reputation; it really is about being there for other people.”


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