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  • 89 Days

    It’s not unusual for people to begin a new year with enthusiasm and goals.  It’s also not unusual for people to lose their enthusiasm and new goal focus by the end of January.   In this article I am going to give you a simple plan to achieve one, maybe two, goals in 2019.  Simple does […]

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  • How To Sell On a Hot Summer Day

    We are deep into the summer and it seems like no matter where you are it is HOT!  Here in Baltimore it is especially HOT and HUMID and you almost wonder why anyone would venture outside except to go swimming.  However, for those of us in sales we must go out in this heat.  After […]

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  • “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

    These beautiful words, from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, makes me think about how I am living my day. Without a doubt the demands of a normal day can often drive us off course in how we really want to live our life.  I try to attend Mass most Sunday’s and leave feeling fired […]

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  • Little Things Create TOMA

    I’m a big believer that little things add up and make a difference. This past St. Patrick’s Day I made it a point to send St. Patrick Day cards to 18 clients.  The cards (I went to Greetings and Reading and bought a generic pack of 20 cards) contained a very simple message and I […]

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  • Three Vibes You Need on an Appointment

    This morning I had an important meeting with the CEO of a $200M business.  I had done all my precall research and had written down questions I wanted to be sure and ask.  I was “good to go!”  However, before getting out of my car I reviewed three dynamics I wanted to be sure this […]

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  • A Dynamic for Helping Make Training Stick

    In my work I often run across executives and managers who feel that training is “pissing money down a rat hole.” I actually had an entrepreneur say that to me! Part of my job is educating business leaders to their role in making training stick. When a manager or entrepreneur says, “I don’t want to […]

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  • Would You Hire Michael Phelps?

    Michael Phelps is an Olympic Champion. His success in the pool is well known. The self-discipline and hard work he has put into his craft is incredible. He’s made a few mistakes along the way and has stepped up making offering no excuses. I think all of us would agree that Michael Phelps is a […]

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  • Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass!

    It’s the end of the year and a great time to have “evaluation meetings” with your clients.  Don’t you want to know how you are doing?  By asking the right questions you will be able to understand how well you’re doing as well as how you are being evaluated.  Here are some questions from my […]

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  • Do You React or Respond?

    Let me tell you a story. Yesterday I drove two hours to meet with the owner of a midsize electronics company located outside the historic Gettysburg battlefields.   We had made the appointment before Thanksgiving (I immediately had sent a note with the appointment date and time) and sent a confirming email the day before.  […]

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  • Three Critical Sales Dynamics

    If you are a 100% commissioned sales professional, face-to-face appointments with new prospects are gold.  I’m not talking emails, drive time or phone conversations.  I’m talking TSS (Time Spent Selling).   TSS is the actual minutes, seconds and hours in front of a qualified decision maker. There are three critical dynamics that the person you are […]

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