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Sales training and leadership development are dynamic, ever-evolving disciplines. As an industry thought leader, we keep our hand on the pulse of new developments in the field. And through our blog, we share our ideas and point of view with anyone who cares to read it. Check it out.

  • Confrontation is Good For You (and For Business)

    At one time or another I suspect all of us has let someone get away with saying something that rubs us the wrong way.  Sometimes we simply let an insult slide.  Sometime we pretend to like an idea that we really don’t. Most people avoid confrontation.  We are afraid to candidly respond to someone because […]

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  • Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

    This past weekend I went to confession – something all good Catholics do during Lent and the Easter Season.  After I had confessed my shortcomings, through the confessional grate my priest simply asked, “Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same old shit?” That simple observation /  question hit me […]

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  • Social Media Social Idiots

    Social media and cell phone technology is stealing the soul out of personal communications. Today I went to the gym for a quick workout when I ran into a former football player I had coached years earlier in high school (when I talk about former I’m talking about from the mid 90’s).  Mike is sitting […]

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  • Cultivate Your Network

    It happens when you come out with a new service or product offering.  It happens when you are making your list of potential prospects for the new year or quarter.  It happens when you review the pile of business cards you have collected over the year. You review your list, your pile of business cards, […]

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  • Is Networking Dead?

    There’s a review on Amazon about Networking is Dead, the new book by Melissa G Wilson and Larry Mohl. My good friend and strategic partner, Chris Lytle, shares his take on Networking is Dead: Making Connections That Matter. You can listen to this short Knowledge Bite here:  http://bit.ly/1bdSis1 This clip is from a recent Knowledge Bite […]

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  • Send Me Something In The Mail

    As a professional salesperson I’m sure at some time you have had a prospect say,  “Just send me some information in the mail.”   I don’t know about you but I’ve been guilty a few times of meekly complying with that request.  How do you respond that?  After starving a few months I finally decided I […]

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  • Gut Check

    In my work as a business coach and trainer I often hear from my clients how much they want to become a great sales person or great manager and leader.  We talk about goals and how much money they want to make so they can enjoy the good life. During the course of this conversation […]

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  • How do you begin your day?

    Each morning is a new beginning;  a fresh start to your life.   All of us are always looking for an edge, a way to break through to the next level of life quality and performance.  In this blog I would like to suggest a few morning rituals that will ensure that you begin your day […]

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  • Drive Prospect Involvement With This Question

    My good friend Chris Lytle introduced me to a sales presentation by Don Beveridge.  Don teaches that salespeople tell prospects way too much about their products, services and companies. The reason this can be bad is that the prospect already knows some of the things you’re telling them and, therefore, you end up boring them. Don had […]

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  • I’m Not Punching Anyone in The NOs.

    Recently I was asked  “weigh in” on an article titled, “Punch Your Prospect in The NOs.”  This article talks about how “by throwing a creative combination of value-message punches that your prospect doesn’t expect, you can throw them off their fancy-footwork routine of negative, canned, and programmed responses and objections – allowing you to earn […]

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