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If Boston Red Sox Owner Harry Frazee had done a High Gear Job Benchmark, Babe Ruth would never have been traded to the Yankees!

How critical is your next hire? Statistically, half of all employment situations result in the wrong person for the wrong job.  That's the equivalent of flipping a coin. And with the cost of a mis-hire estimated at five times salary, the financial impact can be staggering. Our mission is simple and our expertise invaluable - we help you select the right person for the job.

If the job could talk, what behaviors, thinking talents and internal motivators would the job say is needed for high performance?  Our patented, analytics based job benchmarking process determines Critical Success Factors and eliminates inherent biases that often sabotage the selection process.  The secret is to let the job talk - and know how to listen.

The High Gear Patented Job Selection Process Helps You Stack The Deck in Your Favor with Critical Job Hires 

It starts with an exploratory conversation between us.  Call 410.366.7100 0r 877.425.1881 to schedule a low key, exploratory meeting to learn more about High Gear Hiring Systems - a business unit of High Gear Training Systems. Or, for a more detailed look, call us to schedule an Executive Overview Webinar.  Our next Executive Overview is  scheduled for Thursday, May 1, 2019 at 10:30 AM EST.  Remember:

One Bad Hire Only Helps Make Your Competition Stronger!




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Speaker Service

John Davis has been and continues to be in demand for speaking engagements. He has been described as an energetic, knowledgeable, authoritative and highly engaging speaker.  His two most requested presentations are  : Leadership 101 - What Is It and How Do I Get Some? and Professionalism 101. For details, contact John at 877.425.1881 or jdavis@highgeartraining.com.