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Leadership for Non Managers - Self Leadership 101

Why are some people more successful than others?

 The High Gear Self Leadership 101 program is an intense,  one day self-discovery process designed to help employees at any level achieve personal and professional goals by teaching the self-management skills of highly successful people.  Before you can manage and lead others you first need to know how to manage and lead yourself.

Modules at a Glance:

Module 1 - Positive Self-Awareness: "Living Without Limitations"

In this module participants identify self-imposed limitation and paradigms that get in the way of better performance personally and professionally.  Participants will learn strategies that help them "get out of their own way"  and break internal barriers that keep them from achieving higher levels of performance.

Module 2 – Self Discovery Process

In this module, The High Gear the Self-Discovery Process is utilized to help participants increase their understanding of their individual strengths and possible developmental areas.  This report provides insights into two distinct areas: Work Behaviors and Emotional intelligence  Understanding strengths and weaknesses in each of these two areas will lead to personal and professional development.

Module 3 – 360 Degree Leadership

99% of all leadership comes from the middle of an organization.  Many people associate leadership with a title or position within a company.  In this module participants will explore the myths that prevent regular employees from developing their leadership in the workplace.  Based on the award winning book from John Maxwell (The 360 Degree Leader) and combined with practical leadership theory, this module expands on four main themes:

  • Leadership 101 - What Is It and How Do I Get Some?
  • The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up
  • The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across
  • The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down

End of Workshop – Plus / Delta – Dismissal

Register Today for:  June 19, 2018

Location:  The Loyola University Graduate Center (off of I-83) provides a first-class learning environment.  Link here: http://bit.ly/1XcFMPi


  • $875 per person (4+ people receives a 5% discount)
  • Includes all sessions, SDP assessment and program materials.


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