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The ISI Sales Improvement Process - Instant Sales Training

To paraphrase the well-known proverb, we believe one salesperson can sharpen another, just as iron sharpens iron. Hence the name of our training program—ISI.

In sales, success generates confidence.

At its core, our ISI Process gives sales professionals a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices. Through participative discussions of real-world sales issues, it keeps salespeople sharp, focused and inspired, and helps them open more doors and close more business.

John Davis and High Gear are strategic partners with Chris Lytle, author of the best selling book on selling: The Accidental Salesperson.  Chris is also the creator of Instant Sales Training.   John and Chris have worked together for over 15 years providing innovative and effective sales training strategies around the world.

The ISI Sales Improvement Process is a time released,  52-week process, not a one-time event.

Effective sales development happens over time. So every week for a full year, ISI participants receive a sales improvement technique. These are selling insights and ideas they can use right away with prospects and clients. Then, twice a month, we host a 40-minute Webinar to further discuss the weekly selling ideas.

The ISI is an online resource that improves offline sales.

  • Our 12-month interactive program fosters continuity, meaningful growth, and lasting results.
  • Weekly sales strategies, 2- 4 minutes long - delivered online each week.  Downloadable MP3.
  • Online video and audio clips as well as PDF documents are available 24/7 from leading sales professionals nationwide.
  • The IST provides a consistent, weekly drip of sales training.

The ISI Process is as affordable as it is powerful offering two options:

Investment: 1 Year Subscription, Weekly Knowledge Bite $250.00 each participant.

For a demonstration of the ISI Process, contact John Davis at 410.366.7100 or email John at the following address: jdavis@highgeartraining.com.

"We have been using the ISI Sales Improvement Process for the past two years with our Account Executives and they rave about the program ... I would highly recommend John Davis and the ISI Sales Improvement Process for any company wanting to help improve their Sales Engine"

 Tom Lingle
Vice President / Maxim Staffing Solutions

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Selecting and Developing Sales Top Guns

Our Top Gun Sales Success Assessment Process (SSAP) helps you select Sales Top Guns and develop and coach your current salespeople more effectively.

The SSAP is a quick and precise way to assess each salesperson’s personal sales style, internal motivators and natural thinking strengths (ie - how naturally PERSISTENT is this person).  The Top Gun SSAP helps sales executives avoid catastrophic sales misfires as well as helping sales managers and executives avoid mismanaging their people.

This thorough online assessment uncovers any weaknesses or blind spots that may compromise sales effectiveness. Armed with these insights, sales managers can support each salesperson with more specific coaching, while learning  to be a more effective manager for each of his/her sales professionals.  The SSAP is $495 and includes the SSAP assessments, a one-on-one debriefing with John Davis and a written summary report to management.  The SSAP -  don't manage sales professionals without it!

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