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  • Gut Check

    In my work as a business coach and trainer I often hear from my clients how much they want to become a great sales person or great manager and leader.  We talk about goals and how much money they want to make so they can enjoy the good life. During the course of this conversation […]

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  • Marines, Scouts and Comfort Based Decisions

    My son is a Marine.  While home he went on a weekend hike with me and my scout troop up on the Appalachian Trail.  One night as we were setting up camp I overheard him talking to my patrol leaders about making  “comfort based decisions” vs. long term consequences. As I stood off to the side I heard […]

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  • Leadership

    Reading an article on “the central task of Leadership — intentional influence”…http://tinyurl.com/r3ptpf #fb

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